IES Bocce Ball Tournament – Balmy and Beautiful in Ft. Lauderdale

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Testing Procedures Committee (TPC) conducted its semiannual meeting in Ft. Lauderdale from April 30th through May 2nd, 2019 with the Bocce Ball Tournament occurring on May 1.

The weather during the tournament was balmy, with winds of 10-15 mph that swept the beach clear of most beachgoers. There was a good turnout of members though, and bocce balls with fresh batteries that promised brilliant arcs through the starry sky. The 8:30 PM start had us taking to the beach to setup in twilight, with the distant lights of anchored cargo ships dotting the horizon.

LED-powered bocce balls light up the Ft. Lauderdale beach.

After dumping the rucksack, we quickly split the balls into the requisite short and long wavelengths, and then commenced play with about a dozen members. Play was vigorous, with long, precise throws. Accuracy, especially in later frames, was undoubtedly improved by the local beach rule banning ethanol-containing drinks. Given the sobriety, and the windy deserted beach, members with strong arms, like Pat McGillicuddy, could heave the pallina great distances, and that talent turned massive stretches of the sand into the TPC’s private court. Even with the spread-out play though, we had many spocks and kisses. The short wavelength team took an early lead and maintained it, though the long wavelength team caught up during repeated invocations of the non-dominant hand rule. The final score, as tallied by Eric Bretschneider, with an uncertainty of +/- 2 points, was 22 to 16.

Cameron Miller (NIST), Yuqin Zong (NIST) and Jeff Hulett (Vektrex).

Off the bocce ball field, business proceedings were just as exciting. The semi-annual meeting of IES brought together some of the illumination industry’s brightest minds (pun intended) to swap ideas, research and opinions.

The companies represented at the gathering were Hubble Lighting, TUV, OLEDWorks, Cree, Apple, Lumileds, GE, Nichia, Osram, Underwriters Laboratory, IES and NIST. We look forward to reuniting with them at the next IESNA meeting for more sharing of illumination and bocce ball expertise. The next meeting is IES Annual Conference to be held in August 2019 in Louisville, KY.

The two teams assess their progress and prepare for their next throw.

Jeff Hulett

Jeff Hulett is the Founder and CTO of Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc. Because of his vision and leadership, the company grew from a start-up to the market leader. Currently, Hulett is the Chief Architect for Vektrex products placing the highest emphasis on technology and quality. Hulett holds a BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Electronics, and has been awarded four U.S.patents. He is a member of the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), and chairs the IESNA LM-80 working group that is focused on LED flux maintenance testing. He has been active in the LED testing and reliability field since 2004.

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