IES Bocce Ball Tournament in Ireland

The semi-annual IES meeting was held for the first time out of the United States, in Adare, Ireland.

Turnout was good for the traditional bocce match and play was vigorous. The long wavelength team (red and yellow balls) took an early lead, but the short wavelength team (green and blue balls) came roaring back, largely due to extraordinary play by Yuqin Zong of NIST. Zong, who had never thrown a bocce ball, turned out to be a bocce prodigy.

Led by Zong, the short wavelength team quickly ran the score to 12 against 6, at which point match referee, Jeff Hulett, invoked the double handed rule, which requires that any team having a score more than double its opponent’s, must thereafter play with the non-dominant hand. This rule proved to be difficult to enforce though as participants tended to revert back to their dominant hands, especially after completing periodic runs to the hotel bar for beverage refreshments.

The match ended when short wavelength reached 21; the final score was 21-15.

IES Bocce Ball Teams in Ireland IES Bocce Ball MVP Zong of NIST
IES Bocce Ball Ireland Final Score