10A DC / Continuous Pulse Current Source

The SpikeSafe™ 10A DC / Continuous Pulse Current Source is part of the SpikeSafe DC / Continuous Pulse Current Source family. This programmable current source features precision pulsing with 1us minimum pulse widths and nanosecond rise times. This current source supports VCSEL, LED, and Laser Diode reliability, burn-in, IESNA LM-80, and other test applications requiring DC or pulsed current. It provides up to 4 independent source channels of reliable and accurate DC or continuous pulse current drive at compliance voltages up to 200V. This high voltage capability makes the 10A an ideal choice to power series circuits containing multiple high current devices. Each source channel delivers up to 1600W of output power at an industry-leading 96% power conversion efficiency. High efficiency reduces electricity and facility cooling needs, lowering the total cost of ownership for systems. Continuous power conversion technology means no duty cycle or pulse width limitations.

Adjustable load tuning allows the SpikeSafe to compensate for load conditions, cable impedance, and length. The result is output pulses with microsecond rise and fall times. Pulses from multiple channels may be synchronized or staggered for load balancing. Multiple output conductor pairs keep maximum current per conductor below 5A, allowing the current output to be routed through standard interconnect devices. A built-in data acquisition system samples pulsed or DC voltage and current to support LM-80 monitoring requirements. Devices being tested are protected with a gentle turn-on during ramp-up, and with SpikeSafe load protection during operation. SpikeSafe load protection continuously monitors voltage and current patterns and instantly shuts down drive when device anomalies are detected. This current source has a maximum current is 10A, with an output current accuracy of 0.04%+350µA.

10A Source Pulse Shapes

Precision pulsing is key to best practices measurements. The 10A Precision Pulsed Current Source offers programmable pulse width flexibility. It is capable of long pulse widths (ms to seconds) and short pulse widths (100us pulse widths and faster). With the pulse source, minimum 10us pulse widths are available with upgrades for fast precision pulsing (1us pulse widths). Pulse width accuracy is 1us with nanosecond pulse rise and fall times. Ramp time is adjustable.

Performance Curves

This model is available for use with an internal power supply (300W or 600W). For total output power across 4 independent  source channels (4 x 1.6kW = 6.4kW), an auxiliary power supply is required. Please consult Vektrex for auxiliary power supply recommendations.

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