500mA DC / Continuous Pulse Current Source

The SpikeSafe 500mA DC/ Continuous Pulse Current Source is a member of the SpikeSafe Series DC / Continuous Pulse Current Source family. This programmable model is available in single and multiple source channel modules and has a maximum of 8 independently controllable source channels. Each of these source channels supply reliable and accurate DC and precision pulsed current. The 500mA DC / Continuous Current Source is perfect for applications requiring minimum currents of 10mA or less and a maximum current of 500mA. Each source channel delivers up to 200W of output power with industry leading efficiency.

The 500mA DC/ Continuous Pulse Current Source enables high-capacity testing of low current devices.  Available with a 400V, each source channel will easily drive over 100 3W devices.  Using 3W devices, the SS400-DCP-400-05-2U8 will easily drive 125 devices per source channel; totaling 1,000 devices! The low range (to 40mA) current output accuracy is 0.05% + 10uA, and the high range current output accuracy is 0.05% + 75uA. The Setpoint resolution is 1uA.

500mA DC Continuous Pulse with Vektrex Drive Rack with SpikeSafe Test and Reliability Software
Vektrex DC/Continuous Pulse Current Source in Medium Rack with STARS

500mA Source Pulse Shapes

Precision pulsing is key to best practices measurements. The 500mA Precision Pulsed Current Source offers programmable pulse width flexibility. It is capable of long pulse widths (ms to seconds) and short pulse widths (100us pulse widths and faster). With the pulse source, minimum 10us pulse widths are available with upgrades for fast precision pulsing (1us pulse widths). Pulse width accuracy is 1us with pulse rise and fall times of 200ns to 5us. 

Learn more about our SpikeSafe DC / Continuous Pulse Current Sources here.

Performance Curves

This model includes buck/boost and is available for use with an internal power supply (300W or 600W). For total output power across 8 source channels (8 x 200W = 1,600W), an auxiliary power supply is required. Please consult Vektrex for auxiliary power supply recommendations.