20A DC Current Source

The SpikeSafe 20A DC Current Source is part of the SpikeSafe DC Current Source family. This current source supports LED reliability, burn-in test, IESNA LM-80 and other applications requiring multiple drive channels. It provides 2 independent source channels of reliable and accurate current drive at compliance voltages up to 200V. This capability makes the SS400 DC 20A an ideal choice to power series circuits containing multiple high current devices. Each source channel delivers up to 3200W of output power at an industry-leading 96% power conversion efficiency. High efficiency reduces electricity and cooling needs, lowering the total cost of ownership for systems incorporating the SS400.

Multiple output conductor pairs keep maximum current per conductor below 5A, allowing the current output to be routed through standard interconnect devices. Built-in voltage and current readback circuits support LM-80 monitoring requirements. Devices being tested are protected with a gentle turn-on during ramp-up, and with SpikeSafe™ load protection during operation.

The notable specifications for this current source are as follows: the minimum recommended current compliant with LM-80 3% accuracy requirement is 23.6mA. The nominal current ripple is 0.05% + 250uA. The low current range to 800mA output current accuracy is 0.04% + 700uA and the high current range to 20A output current accuracy is 0.14% + 8mA. 

20A Performance Curves

This model is available for use with an internal power supply (300W or 600W). For total output power across 8 source channels (8 x 3.2kW = 25.6kW), an auxiliary power supply is required. Please consult Vektrex for auxiliary power supply recommendations.

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