Tj Measurement Toolkit

The Tj Measurment Tookit is an optional add-on to the SpikeSafe Pulsed Source Measure Unit. It simplifies and automates junction temperature measurement for LED or laser devices using JEDEC’s Electrical Test Method (ETM).

Make accurate junction temperature measurements of LEDs, Lasers or VCELs

  • Measure devices in lab setting
  • Measure devices in-situ for example temperature chambers
  • Supports single devices
  • Support arrays of devices (ensembles)

Kit includes hardware upgrades to the standard SpikeSafe SMU, it should be ordered when you order your SMU.

Supported Current Source: SpikeSafe Pulsed Source Measure Unit

Junction Temperature Cross Section
Junction Temperature Cross Section

The Tj Measurement Toolkit Includes:

BIAS SourceSecondary programmable bias current source
Control Panel Software UpgradeHeating current parameters
Measure current parameters
Vf capture graphs
Auto conversion of time to square-root-of-time
Projection of Vf cooling trends to y-axis intercept
ExcelIncludes template that calculates TJ using the y-axis intercept and Vf characterization data from control panel
InstructionsDetailed instructions of how to quickly measure junction temperature of LEDs and Lasers using JEDEC Electrical Test Method
Expert SupportExpert support is included to get you up and making accurate measurements quickly

Read our LEDS Magazine article to learn more about simplifying your junction temperature Measurement Techniques. 

For more information about junction temperature techniques: junction temperature measurement