IV Curve SMU

IV Curve SMU represents a compact instrument used to accurately and efficiently generate IV curves. This SMU combined with an easy to use softwarr application that is included with the SMU offers a complete solution. No software development or scripting is required!

Use Vektrex SMU to Simply Generate an IV Curve

To demonstrate the simplicity of using Control Panel to generate and view an IV curve, Vektrex-developed Control Panel software application was used.

Generating the IV curve requires only a few settings. This video may be helpful for you. How to easily generate an IV Curve

Use Vektrex SMU to Simply Generate a VI Curve

See below a VI curve generated using Vektrex SMU built-in pulsed sweep function that simply requires definition of the start current, end current, and number of steps.

Vektrex SMU VI curve 30 steps

Determine the Right Current Voltage and Heat Combination – Use IV Curves to “Be Right the First Time’

Jenoptik presented at a recent CORM Meeting (Council for Optical Radiation Measurements). Abstract: The core to designing LED light engines is accurate characterization of the electro-thermo-optics of the device. For our application we needed spectral power distribution, peak wavelength (not dominant), radiant wattage, etc. as a continuous function of electrical current, voltage, and junction temperature. This data was needed to avoid or, at least, minimize, the trial-and-error process often used in light engine design where heat management is crucial. We needed to hit the mark on SPD (spectral power distribution) and radiant output, and we needed to know, precisely, what current/voltage is required and how much heat will be generated and must be removed.

This presentation tells the story of accurate electro-radiant measurement meets precision radiometric simulation meets diligent thermal modeling to “be right the first time”.Understanding how the device behaves at different junction temperatures resulted in R&D cost savings and a successful project.

Use Vektrex SMU to determine what current/voltage is required and how much heat will be generated and must be removed.

This is a great article -> Use Fast Precise Pulsed SMU to Improve High Power IV Characterization

Any Vektrex Pulsed SMU May Be Used To Generate IV Curves

Select any Vektrex Pulsed SMU that meets your output power and output current requirement (DC to Pulsed)

SMU (models to 10A) information and specifications

High Current SMU (models to 60A) information and specifications

IV Curve SMU Reference Information and Articles

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How to easily generate an IV Curve

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Email support@vektrex.com and get more information about an SMU to meet your IV / VI curve requirements.