SpikeSafe DC Current Sources

Vektrex™ SpikeSafe DC Current Sources provide reliable precise constant current drive.  Available as single or multichannel instruments, these tools are used worldwide in LED/laser diode reliability, burn-in, IESNA LM-80 test, and other current-driven applications.

All multichannel models feature individual channel control, precise current, and high power density. Use of long cables to 12m is applicable for all SpikeSafe current source instruments. Models are selectable by the maximum current and are shown in the following table.

Low CurrentMid-Low CurrentMid CurrentMid-High CurrentHigh Current

Modular, Scalable

SpikeSafe current sources are easily combined into systems with up to 1,024 current source channels in an electronics cabinet. Scalable, modular design enables easy system expansion for increased capacity. With a full range of SpikeSafe™ current source options, system components, chambers, fixturing, load board designs, cabling and software, Vektrex can provide the ideal testing solution for any size lab – large or small.

Vektrex DC and DCP Current Source System Configuration Options
Vektrex DC and DCP Current Source System Configuration Options


Vektrex’s easy-to-use SpikeSafe™ Test and Reliability Software (STARS) controls and monitors sources, loads and thermal control devices during testing. With STARS, long-term reliability and burn-in tests can be automated.

For systems where 8 or fewer source channels are needed, Vektrex-developed Control Panel software application may be used.

Protects Devices

Vektrex’s patented SpikeSafe™ load protection continuously monitors voltage and current patterns and instantly shuts down when anomalies are detected. Rapid shutdown preserves the failed device for analysis, and it protects other devices in the circuit. The result is lower failure counts and improved reliability statistics.

Energy Efficiency

SpikeSafe current sources operate at 98% conversion efficiency. This high efficiency reduces electricity usage and it minimizes the heat released into the laboratory. In addition, the current sources’ high compliance voltage capability and SpikeSafe load protection allow many devices to be tested in one series circuit. This configuration is much more efficient than traditional single device circuits. The net result is lower annual operating cost and lower total cost of ownership.

Worldwide Installation Base

4 out of 5 major LED manufacturers standardize on SpikeSafe Current Sources.

Over 40% of LM-80 laboratories worldwide use SpikeSafe current sources to drive their LEDs, including labs in Germany, China, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.