Solutions from Vektrex address specific application needs for LED and Laser manufacturers within our areas of expertise including LM-80, LM-85, Light Measurement applications, Reliability for LEDs and Lasers, Burn-In, load boards and custom burn-in fixtures and accessories.  Our system solutions include LM-80 systems for LEDs, COB, LED modules, Automated Light Measurement Systems, Light Measurement Systems integrated with Instrument Systems CAS Spectrometers and others, Reliability and Burn-in Systems for LEDs, VCSEL, and Lasers and more.  Vektrex has a full team of engineers to support your system needs including software and fixturing.  Please contact Vektrex to discuss your needs.

LED Reliability

Leading LED and SSL designers, manufacturers and labs choose energy-efficient SpikeSafe™ series current sources for LM-80, LED Reliability, and high-power…

LM-80 Test Solutions

Vektrex offers complete LM-80 test solutions that meet all IESNA and Energy Star testing criteria. Vektrex actively participates on the…

LM-80 Drive Electronics

Drive/power electronics for LM-80 testing form the foundation for successful testing. Selecting the best drive electronics is a very important decision.

LM-80 Light

Light Measurement is required to meet LM-80 standards testing. During LM-80 test, periodic photometric measurements are taken. Resultant data is entered a TM-21 specified algorithm and a Lumen Maintenance (LM) number is calculated.

LM-80 Thermal Control

Vektrex LM-80 thermal control systems (ITCS chambers) utilize water-based, closed-loop active control to provide efficient and uniform thermal control for semiconductor devices.

Thermal Measurements

Thermal measurements can be used in a variety of applications involving LEDs, laser diodes, and other semiconductors. Thermal measurements are useful at all stages of semiconductor production from design and development to quality assurance.