Integrated Thermal Control System

The Vektrex Integrated Thermal Control System (ITCS) uses proprietary water-based thermal control to maintain consistent LED and laser device temperatures during high power testing applications. LED/VCSEL manufacturers and third-party test facilities standardize on ITCS chambers for their testing needs.

Temperature uniformity is essential to successful high power device testing. The Vektrex Integrated Thermal Control System (ITCS) circulates water at a precise temperature in a closed-loop system for uniform thermal control in a compact footprint.

With up to 10kW of power handling capability – at operating temperatures up to 150C – the ITCS chamber provides the flexibility to test numerous high power device types in a single chamber and maintain temperature uniformity within 2C. The ITCS can be purchased as a stand-alone product or with additional Vektrex components.

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ITCS Chamber high-capacity breakdown graphic
ITCS Chamber high-capacity breakdown graphic

Key Features

  • High-capacity with unparalled temperature uniformity
  • Up to 150C max temperature and 10kW max capacity
  • Safety interlocks protect operators from light exposure when the chamber door is open and restart active tests when the door is closed
  • View port features multiple reflective/absorptive glass layers that attenuate IR, UV, and visible light to safe levels
  • High-capacity slide-out drawers simplify loading and unloading
  • Failsafe temperature monitoring immediately shuts down power if temperatures exceed user-defined minimum and maximum limits to prevent device damage
  • An efficient, integrated Temperature Control Unit transfers heat to facility water

Fixturing Features

  • Flexible fixturing supports up to 10kW heat dissipation and device power levels to 1kW
  • High capacity – up to 1,600 individual devices
  • 4,500 cm2 of mounting surface
  • May be pre-configured for RTD, thermistor, or thermocouple sensors
  • Radiant power capture

Custom Fixturing

  • Allows you to move to the high-power ITCS while maintaining legacy load board designs
  • Adaptable to virtually any load board type, including load boards with clamp attachments and pogo-pin connections

Load Board Services

Vektrex provides load board design services for the flexible and efficient n+1 load board architecture. Let us help you get started with the right boards, fixturing, and drive electronics. Contact us for more information.

Flexible Versatility

Vektrex ITCS chambers are designed to safely contain optical energy and control temperature at very high power levels. The compact and flexible design supports a wide range of elevated temperature testing applications. Available standard load plates simplify device mounting and shorten test setup time.

Integrated high-capacity slide-out drawers simplify loading and unloading. Optional individual drawer controls allow side-by-side testing of devices with different thermal characteristics at different temperatures.

Supported Devices

  • LED
  • IR
  • UV
  • VIS
  • COB
  • Array
  • Modules
  • Laser Diode

Supported Applications

Comprehensive Data Logging

Build-in data acquisition electronics and wiring support all major temperature sensors including RTD, thermocouple, and NTCs. Sensors may be designed into load boards or attached to samples in other ways. Sensors may be associated with any drive channel to support thermal safety limits. Sample rates are programmable and sample data is automatically transferred to the optional STARS software application for logging. Timing accuracy, wire types and other parameters meet stringent LM-80 specifications.

Contaminant-Free Construction

LEDs and other optoelectronic devices are easily degraded by atmospheric contaminants during long-term tests. The ITCS is constructed with the highest quality industry-approved materials with low outgassing properties to ensure no contaminants are released.

Each ITCS undergoes a proprietary cleaning and aging process prior to delivery. During operation, a passive airflow design continuously exhausts chamber air to expel contaminants that may be released from DUTs and load boards. The ultra-clean ITCS interior ensures DUTs are not harmed during long-term tests.

Individual Drawer Control

Individual Drawer Control provides temperature fine-tuning to adjust for differences in the case temperature rise that occurs when testing devices with different thermal characteristics. Operating each drawer at a different temperature enables low, mid, and high power device testing in one ITCS.

Field-Proven Software

Vektrex field-proven software applications control the ITCS during testing and can be configured to support a wide range of testing needs. STARS software provides current source control and ITCS chamber location-specific monitoring of source channels, loads, and temperatures during testing. STARS also provides seamless data logging and lab management functions that allow you to define and track devices through the entire testing process and seamless data logging.

Temperature Control Panel supervises the ITCS/and or third-party thermal control systems, ensuring temperature is maintained within programmed limits. From monitoring to failsafe protection, Vektrex software simplifies test control and ensures accurate data collection.

STARPLOT software allows operators to verify ITCS temperature uniformity, ultimately leading to more repeatable, reliable test results.
STARPLOT software allows operators to verify ITCS temperature uniformity, ultimately leading to more repeatable, reliable test results.