Products from Vektrex form the basis for LED and laser test and measurement systems. These include Spikesafe Precision Pulsed Current Source Measure Units and Pulsed Source instruments, Precision Constant Current Sources, Thermal Control Chambers and Accessories designed for the specialized needs of LED and laser manufacturers. Vektrex also offers turnkey systems including reliability and burn-in systems, light measurement systems, LM-80 systems, software, and accessories. Vektrex products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA. Vektrex products and solutions are marketed, installed and supported globally. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, please email or contact us to learn more.

SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit

Vektrex SMU is a precision pulsed source measure unit that precisely sources pulsed current and simultaneously digitizes voltage. Optimized for precise and repeatable high-power LED and laser testing, our Source Measure Units deliver precise pulsing with ns rise and times, low-jitter triggering and time-aligned measurements.

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High Current Source Measure Unit

Vektrex’s high current SMU has broad application by supplying reliable and accurate pulsed currents to 60A while simultaneously measuring voltages to 400V. Precise pulsing with low microsecond rise times, low-jitter triggering and integrated digitizer results in more accurate and repeatable high-power LED and laser testing.

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SpikeSafe Performance Series Precision Pulsed Current Source

SpikeSafe™ Performance Series Precision Pulsed Current Sources supply precise static and dynamic current output modes including DC and continuous or single pulse modes. Minimum pulse widths as low as 1us reduce junction temperatures for VCSEL, laser diode, and other semiconductor devices.

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SpikeSafe DC / Continuous Pulse Current Source

Vektrex SpikeSafe DC / Continuous Pulse Current Sources provide reliable DC constant current or precision pulsed current drive. These pulsed current sources are optimized for reliability and burn-in testing and other test applications requiring DC constant current or continuous pulse current.

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SpikeSafe 400 Series DCP Current Source with Pulse

SpikeSafe DC Current Sources

Vektrex SpikeSafe™ DC Current Sources provide reliable precise constant current drive.  Available in single and multiple source channel instruments, these tools are used worldwide in LED/laser diode reliability, burn-in, IESNA LM-80 test, and other current-driven applications. 

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SpikeSafe DC Current Source

SpikeSafe Current Sources

SpikeSafe Current Sources support the LED/VCSEL continuum. This page contains an overview of the full line of SpikeSafe products.

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Isolated Hall Effect Current Sensors

VCS Series Isolated Hall Effect Current Sensors provide high-bandwidth current sensing with amplified output. The 50Ω voltage output may be directly connected to an oscilloscope or data acquisition system.

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VCS Series Isolated Hall Effect Current Sensor

Integrated Thermal Control System

The Vektrex Integrated Thermal Control System (ITCS) uses proprietary water-based thermal control to maintain consistent LED and laser device temperatures during high power testing applications. LED/VCSEL manufacturers and third-party test facilities standardize on ITCS chambers for their testing needs.

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Vektrex ITCS Chamber and Medium Driver Rack