Software Applications

Software applications by Vektrex work to create complete solutions for your semiconductor device testing needs. These applications, developed by Vektrex software engineers, allow you turn-key accessibility for your devices. With such a diverse and comprehensive list of software offerings, our applications cover virtually any testing or burn-in need. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, inquire about custom applications or take advantage of features that allow you to develop your own software.

Python API and Examples

Vektrex SpikeSafe Python API and examples allow you to worry less about the code and more about the science of LED and Laser testing. Vektrex offers many options to quickly automate testing of LEDs and Lasers.  

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Control Panel Software Application

Vektrex developed Control Panel Software Application is a comprehensive easy-to-use software application that is used to ConnectConfigure and Control a SpikeSafe Current Source or Source Measure Unit, and Monitor the test/device either at your desk or remotely.

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Control Panel and Performance Series Current Source

Junction Temperature Measurement Software

Junction Temperature Measurement Software simplifies and automates junction temperature and in-situ junction temperature measurements.

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SpecWin Pro

SpecWin Pro spectral analysis software, developed by Instrument Systems, is a powerful and easy-to-operate interface for high-precision spectral measurement systems.

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LED Bench

LEDBench is a powerful software application that automates light measurements of 1 to 80 devices mounted on a load board.

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STARS (SpikeSafe Test and Reliability Software Application) manages 1 to 1024 independently controlled source channels enabling unattended, automated operation of reliability, burn-in, LM-80, IEC-Q102 and other semiconductor device specific tests.

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LED Reliability Software STARS


STARPLOT software application graphically presents a view of reliability data generated by STARS

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STARPLOT software allows operators to verify ITCS temperature uniformity, ultimately leading to more repeatable, reliable test results.


TCP is the Thermal Control Panel (TCP) Software Application. It enables remote control and monitoring of liquid cooled integrated systems. 

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Vektrex ITCS Chamber and Medium Driver Rack

Automated Thermal Resistance Test System

Vektrex Automated Thermal Resistance Test System is a tool to automate thermal resistance measurement and calculations. The tool is applicable for use with single devices, devices mounted on load boards and individually addressable, or wafer probing.  

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Software Development Toolkit

For customized software development, the SpikeSafe Software Development Toolkit is an interactive command sequence builder for SpikeSafe Current Sources

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