TCP (Thermal Control Panel) Software Application enable remote control and monitoring of thermal instrumentation. TCP configures, controls, and monitors thermal instrumentation associated with an LED or laser diode reliability or burn-in test. TCP may be run standalone or integrated with Vektrex STARS reliability test software application.

Thermal instrumentation includes

FailSafe Temperature monitoring: Temperature monitoring using thermocouples, RTD, or NTC. With Failsafe temperature monitoring, device power is shutown when a temperature anomaly is detected. Failsafe temperature monitoring will save the devices in a chamber should a chamber failure occur.

LN2 / Liquid Nitrogen: LN2 systems require precision control and extreme error handling. LN2 thermal control is managed by Vektrex thermal control application.

LM-80 Temperature Monitoring. LM-80 LED Reliability test standard requires Air, Case and Sink temperature monitoring. Thermal Control Program manages the devices, measurement and datalogging of the temperature data per the LM-80 test standard.

Standalone Execution: TCP is available for standalone operation or integrated with Vektrex reliability software named STARS (SpikeSafe Test and Reliability System).