SpikeSafe Performance Series Precision Pulsed Current Sources

SpikeSafe™ Performance Series Precision Pulsed Current Sources supply precise static and dynamic current output modes including DC and continuous or single pulse modes. Minimum pulse widths as low as 1us reduce junction temperatures for VCSEL, laser diode, and other semiconductor devices. With sustained output power and no duty cycle limitations, Performance Series Current Sources support a broad range of applications.

Performance Series Precision Pulsed Source Measure Unit

Taking the Performance Series Current Source Series to the next level, Vektrex integrated a low noise digitizer for accurate measurement.  Learn more about the Performance Series Precision Pulsed Source Measure Unit.  

Precision Timing

These high-performance current sources feature precise hardware-based triggering that reduces timing uncertainty improving measurement repeatability to a remarkable 0.05%. Fast current rise times and on-the-fly pulse width correction allow the source to produce near-perfect square current pulses that are ideal for LM-85’s high-accuracy Continuous Pulse mode measurements.

Performance Series Current Sources are available in single and multichannel models supporting compliance voltages to 400V and source currents to 60A.

What Current Do You Need?

Low CurrentMid CurrentMid-High CurrentHigh Current

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Vektrex’s easy-to-use Control Panel Software Application provides turn-key control of the SpikeSafe current sources and optional high-speed sampling voltmeters and spectrometers. This software pairing provides familiar LED and laser diode source/measure capabilities – with the added benefit of high-speed sampling, pulse visualization, and light measurement.

Vektrex Control Panel Vf Capture
Vektrex Control Panel Vf Capture

For customized software development, the SpikeSafe Software Development Tool is an interactive SpikeSafe command sequence builder. This tool speeds development by enabling the construction and execution of complex command sequences. Command sequences may be executed directly or copied into custom applications.

SpikeSafe Software Development Tool
SpikeSafe Software Development Tool

The Tj Utility Application automates various Tj measurement steps defined in the industry-standard JESD51-1 Electrical Test Method. It features easy to use wizards that support automatic K-factor calibration and reference temperature and RΘ measurements or it can be set to continuously monitor these parameters and log data to a .csv file. Requires the Bias Current option.

Continuous Power Conversion

SpikeSafe Current Sources utilize highly efficient Continuous Power Conversion (CPC). CPC allows SpikeSafe current sources to provide sustained DC, single pulse or continuous pulse current without the duty cycle or pulse width limitations found in other current sources.

Sustained power is the foundation for improved LED light measurements. Learn more about SpikeSafe Continuous Power Conversion and improved LED light measurements by watching our webinar series.

Adjustable Load Tuning

Adjustable load tuning allows the SpikeSafe to compensate for load conditions, cable impedance, and length. The resulting fast, clean pulses have little overshoot – even when the current output is routed through switching/probing systems.

Output Wiring Simplifies Integration

Unlike other pulsed sources that require coaxial or flat ribbon output cables, the SpikeSafe 400 utilizes twisted pair output wiring. For high current models, drive current is split into multiple output pairs, assuring the maximum current per conductor is below 7.5A. This design feature allows the current output to be routed through commonly used interconnect devices such as printed circuit card edge connectors and switching systems.


Performance Series Current Source with SpecWin Pro shown
Performance Series Current Source with SpecWin Pro shown



Modulated Current – Adds the capability to define and execute arbitrary DC waveforms. 1ms current step resolution. Steps defined as a percentage of setpoint current. Useful to simulate rectifier ripple, camera flash, etc.

Bias Current – Adds a low current bias module to provide thermal analysis measurement current. Useful for Tj, RΘ testing and thermal modelling.

Bias Current Module

The bias current option enables the use of speciality software like the Tj Utility Application. It’s also necessary to perform critical measurements of RΘ, K-factor, and junction temperature (Tj).


  • LED/laser light measurement
  • Device characterization
  • Quantum efficiency testing
  • Wafer probing
  • Junction temperature (Tj) measurement
  • Thermal modeling
  • Production binning
  • High power pulse withstand testing