SpikeSafe Current Sources

SpikeSafe Current Sources support the LED/VCSEL continuum

SpikeSafe Series Current Sources support the LED/VCSEL continuum.
SpikeSafe Series Current Sources support the LED/VCSEL continuum.

From R&D through Production, users benefit from the range of available Spikesafe current sources.  

For research and development characterization and repeatable measurements, the Performance Series Precision Pulsed current sources are recommended. By reliably providing precise accurate constant current and pulsed current, the precision pulsed current sources allow users to focus on device development. Vektrex believes that a 4% error is unacceptable for measurements. For repeatable measurements – Performance Precision Pulsed Current Sources are world-renowned. With minimum pulse widths to 1us, you can be assured of a reduced junction temperature. For small quantity research and development device validation, Vektrex recommends using the SpikeSafe Constant Current or Pulsed Sources.  

Reliability and Burn-in requirements vary as some users require DC / constant current or pulsed current. For Reliability and Burn-in flexibility, Vektrex recommends selecting a SpikeSafe DC / Continuous Pulse pulsed source.

Pre-LM-80 and LM-80 applications require precision DC / constant current. Vektrex offers a wide range of Constant Current Sources supplying currents to 60A.

Application specific needs are easily resolved through working with Vektrex expert application engineers. Vektrex Precision Pulsed Current Sources are available with minimum pulse widths of 1us. Contact Vektrex for your special needs.

For production integration, Vektrex offers the Performance Series precision pulsed current source. Fast ramp capability speeds production throughput. The availability of multiple conductor pairs simplifies integration of high currents into existing systems where 3A probe pins are used.

SpikeSafe Current Source Design Priorities:

Energy Efficiency

Vektrex’s first customer for the SpikeSafe Current Source operates a large reliability laboratory for high-power devices. This customer purchased our devices because they needed to save money on their operations. However counterintuitive the idea might seem, buying our current sources meant huge savings for this customer. The increased efficiency/savings from electricity-costs associated with using Spikesafe DC Current Sources justified replacing the company’s entire existing inventory of constant current drivers with Vektrex designed SpikeSafe drivers. The ROI for our first customer was calculated at an amazingly short 6 months. Please contact Vektrex to learn more about how your company could cut costs with SpikeSafe systems.

Preserve Devices

Series circuits are commonly recommended as a first step to increasing capacity and saving money. However, there is always concern that when one device in a series circuit fails, all devices in the series circuit will fail. SpikeSafe current sources include patented hardware and software protection to proactively detect device anomalies and rapidly shutdown power; within ns. This rapid shutdown results in a one device failure rather than a series string failure. This capability drastically improves device reliability statistics.

Pulsed Capability

SpikeSafe users demand precision pulsed capability. Vektrex is honored to be the industry-leader in pulsed capability. Minimum pulse widths of 1uS are available in 2019.

Accurate Current to the Ends of Long Cables

With SpikeSafe Current Sources, one electronics cabinet are capable of driving devices in multiple chambers located across the factory floor. Spikesafe current sources guarantee accurate current to the ends of long cables up to 13m or 50’. The cost savings associated with one SpikeSafe based command and control station driving many chambers are unparalleled.


In 2003, 200V for a series string seemed impossible. 200V and 5A or 1kW per source channel was the requirement. Today, Spikesafe Current Sources supply an astonishing maximum compliance voltage of up to 400V and currents to 60A.

SpikeSafe Rapid Transient Response preserves devices.