Reliability System

Vektrex Reliability Systems are for client needs using Vektrex SpikeSafe multichannel pulsed current source modules as the foundation. SpikeSafe modules are precision pulsing current sources that form a reliable, high-quality foundation for LED and laser diode test systems. Each SpikeSafe module features

  • 8 channels (or current sources) with each supporting a maximum compliance voltage of 200V (400V) and maximum current of 5A (10A plus for some models)
  • Protection algorithms and circuitry that detect voltage and current anomalies rapidly shutting down power preserving devices
  • Precise accurate current regulation within 0.2% typical
  • Energy saving design with 1-2 year return on investment, based upon electricity savings
  • Models available to support DC only and DC/Pulse mode testing

Designed on a modular concept, Vektrex provides systems of SpikeSafe modules. Up to 256 channels of current sources may be integrated into a standard 19″ rack. The STARS (SpikeSafe Test And Reliability Software) application enables operator control of the voltage and current on a per channel basis. Tuning of the SpikeSafe systems to your devices is also handled through the STARS application.

Vektrex LED Reliability System

Vektrex systems are tuned and customize systems to our client needs. Special applications include:

  • Common anode application
  • LM-80-08 compliance
  • Calibration and external validation of accuracy
  • Fast pulsing (800nS or better)
  • Oven syncronization and pause with external triggering
  • Customized modulated current waveforms per client recipes
  • In-situ Vf monitoring
  • In-situ temperature monitoring
  • In-situ Tj monitoring
  • Rapid, accurate L-I-V readings with triggering
  • Thermal control design and build
  • Load board design and build