Python API and Examples

Vektrex SpikeSafe Python API and examples allow you to worry less about the code and more about the science of LED and Laser testing. Vektrex offers many options to quickly automate testing of LEDs and Lasers.  

The next wave of powerful simple coding tools for your Vektrex SpikeSafe SMU has been released. Quickly automate complex tests and collect data using new Python API driver and open source Python samples. 

The official driver for Vektrex SpikeSafe SMU and PRF

Vektrex SpikeSafe Python API used for automation of custom instrument control sequences for testing LED, laser, and electronic equipment.

The Python Package is available on Python Package Index (PyPI).

Download:Vektrex SpikeSafe Python API Driver

Real world examples of testing LED’s and Lasers using Python and Vektrex SpikeSafe SMU and PRF products.
Getting started – 4 examples
SpikeSafe Current Source Modes – 8 examples
Making integrated Voltage Measurement – 3 examples

Application Specific Examples
Using Force Sense Selector Switch – 2 examples
Measuring Wavelength Spectrum and Running LIV Sweeps
Fixed Pulse Count Using Software Timing
Measuring DC Staircase Sweep Voltages
Controlling Thermal Platform Temperature

Download: Vektrex SpikeSafe Python Samples on GitHub