Reliability Software

Vektrex reliability software includes multiple applications to address needs of reliability managers and technicians, Quality Assurance, and R&D

  • STARS manages reliability burn-in and other long term tests enabling unattended, automated operation. With the easy to use software interface, users can specify key test parameters such as lot number, current, compliance voltage, temperature limits, and test duration. During testing these operating parameters are monitored continuously and output to data log files at a user-specified interval. LED failure events are also logged and time-tagged, thus providing detail for device failure analysis. STARS supports independent startup and shutdown of each channel allowing users to run multiple independent LED batches on a single system maximizing output. Used by the world leading manufacturers, STARS simplifies controlling and collecting data for crucial reliability tests.
  • Thermal Control software application provides optional remote control for water cooled and LN2 cooled systems.  Thermal Control integrates with STARS simplifying use and providing fail-safe protection for devices.
  • STARPLOT allows the user to graphically view reliability data simplifying identification of trends and anomalies.
  • Control Panel Software Application
Features and Benefits
  • Manages up to 256 individual LED reliability tests
  • Features data logging, duration timers, and (optional) temperature logging
  • Power Cycling may be syncronized across multiple source channels or configured on a per source channel basis
  • Thermal Stagger reduces overall heating and power requirement.  On/off source channels alternate during power cycling
  • Restarts allow unattended execution even when a device shorts occur
  • Optional: Temperature logging and failsafe temperature shutdown devices when limits exceeded