I-V Curve Tracing for Transistors

I-V curve tracing for transistors is easily accomplished with the SpikeSafe SMU. The SpikeSafe’s short pulsing capability allows the true I-V curve to be obtained without distortion caused by heating. The graphs below show the I-V characteristic for an N-Channel MOSFET taken with an external voltage source driving the gate. As you can see the plots, taken with a pulse width of 20us, closely match the manufacturer’s datasheet. 

SpikeSafe SMU generated I-V curve
SpikeSafe SMU generated IV curve
A03422 Transistor Manufacturer Provided IV Curve
Manufacturer Generated IV Curve
The third graph shows the adverse impact of device heating when slower pulses are used. For this graph the gate voltage is kept constant at 5V. You can see that wider pulses produce greatly distorted curves. 

Compare A03422 Transistor Measured Output at different pulse widths
A03422 Transistor Measured Output Using Different Pulse Widths
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