Light and measurement of light is critical when characterizing LEDs, VCSEL, lasers and other semiconductor devices that output light. Light measurement systems for these devices must be accurate and provide repeatable measurements. Vektrex is expert in light measurement. This page includes a sampling of light measurement solutions. Please contact Vektrex for more information about existing systems or a customized solution.

UV LED Measurement

UV LED Light Measurement requires a source to power the LED and an optical measurement device (photodiode, spectrometer, etc.) to measure the light. UV LED Measurements based upon the LM-92-22 method will be accurate and accepted by accredited organizations. Vektrex SMUs produce short current pulses in the microsecond range that meet the three methods defined by LM-92-22. Specifically, Vektrex SMU provides the fast pulses specified for use with the Differential Continuous Pulse (DCP) Method defined by NICHIA. The DCP method is the simplest for UV LED Measurement.

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LM-80 Light

Light Measurement is required to meet LM-80 standards testing. During LM-80 test, periodic photometric measurements are taken. Resultant data is entered a TM-21 specified algorithm and a Lumen Maintenance (LM) number is calculated.

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Light Measurement System ALMS
Light Measurement System ALMS