UV LED Measurement

UV LED Light Measurement requires a source to power the LED and an optical measurement device (photodiode, spectrometer, etc.) to measure the light. UV LED Measurements based upon the LM-92-22 method will be accurate and accepted by accredited organizations. Vektrex SMUs produce short current pulses in the microsecond range that meet the three methods defined by LM-92-22. Specifically, Vektrex SMU provides the fast pulses specified for use with the Differential Continuous Pulse (DCP) Method defined by NICHIA. The DCP method is the simplest for UV LED Measurement.


LM-80 Light

Light Measurement is required to meet LM-80 standards testing. During LM-80 test, periodic photometric measurements are taken. Resultant data is entered a TM-21 specified algorithm and a Lumen Maintenance (LM) number is calculated.

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Light Measurement System ALMS
Light Measurement System ALMS