Published in LEDs Magazine, Jeff Hulett explains how a new short-pulse test method has advanced spectrometer and source/measure instrument capabilities used in electro-optical measurements of LEDs.

Short Pulse Using Vektrex 1-us-capable SMU
Short Pulse Using Vektrex 1-us-capable SMU

The described methods, which use pulses as short as 10 µs, overcome significant heating-induced errors with optimized LEDs as well as LEDs operated at high current densities. Working with pulses more than three orders of magnitude shorter challenges test instruments. This article summarizes the drawbacks and presents improved tools that simplify testing: third-generation source/measure instruments, programmable spectrometers, and software that allow labs and production facilities to realize the promise of these methods.

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About Jeff Hulett

Jeff Hulett is the Founder and CTO of Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc. Because of his vision and leadership, the company grew from a start-up to the market leader. Currently, Hulett is the Chief Architect for Vektrex products placing the highest emphasis on technology and quality. Hulett holds a BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Electronics, and has been awarded four U.S.patents. He is a member of the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), and chairs the IESNA LM-80 working group that is focused on LED flux maintenance testing. He has been active in the LED testing and reliability field since 2004.