3 Ways to Use Your Vektrex Integrating Cup

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a Vektrex Integrating Cup!

You’ll be able to use your cup in dozens of ways and we would love to see what you do with it. Tag us on social media and show us how you’re using your Vektrex Integrating Cup!

Here are some of our favorite uses.

3 Ways to Use Your Vektrex Integrating Cup Infographic

Drink Cup

Step One:
Pour your favorite drink into your Integrating Cup.

Water with Lemon

Step Two:

drink cup - use one

Light Shield

Step One:
Choose a device to test. This can be anything from an LED to a laser diode.

choose your device

Step Two:
Place your Integrating Cup over the device to help protect your eyes. Please note that the Vektrex Integrating Cup may not be enough protection to fully protect your eyes. Make sure that you always use adequate eye protection when working with devices that may damage your eyes.

place the integrating cup over the device

Integrating Cup

Step One:
Gather the required components.

Gather the required components

Step Two:
Use the push pin to poke two holes approximately 1cm apart on the bottom of the cup. If you’re using the needle, make sure to heat it first.Now place the photodiode into the cup and push each lead through one of the holes.

convert your cup into an Integrating Cup

If you get stuck, give us a call!