MCPCB and other load boards for LED and semiconductor device test are equally, if not more important as the equipment. There are many variables associated with load boards to be taken into consideration when planning for a long term reliability, burn-in or LM-80 test. With high quality load boards, many common problems requiring support and reducing yield may be resolved.

It is Vektrex philosophy to provide you with the tools and expertise to be successful with your LM-80 and reliability/burn in testing. 

MCPCB for COB: N+1 series design, one source channel per edge

The first variable is load board materials. Generally, the material are chosen based upon the device type, thermal properties of the device and test temperature. Some familiar terms are here for reference:

  • FR4 – laminate material
  • MCPCB – Metal Core Printed Circuit Board
  • Load Plate – Plate that may be drilled to support testing of devices mounted on STAR boards.
COB on 150x150 Load Plate
COB on 150×150 Load Plate: 4 x 50W devices, reusable load plate, reusable wings (for attachment to drive cables).

Load Board Topology

Vektrex load boards are based upon the n+1 topology. With n+1, fewer wires are required reducing cost and support. N+1 load boards are designed with efficiency in mind. The load board design enables driving devices in series or individually. This flexibility eliminates the need to remove devices for light measurement. By mounting the devices in series, the cost for long term tests such as LM-80, reliability and burn-in are reduced.  

Copper Load Plate
Copper load plate: Clamps provide power and force, wings used for attachment to drive cables

Ease of Use

Vektrex load board is designed for easy mounting into the LM-80 heating chamber and the LM-80 automated light measurement system. This process eliminates the need to remove devices for light measurement reducing risk of damage and operator error.   

Vektrex Products

Vektrex provides off the shelf load boards/load plates to facilitate testing.

Vektrex Services

We believe that load boards are important to companies that manufacture devices and companies that test these devices. Vektrex does not make the load boards, but offers the equipment/instrumentation to drive devices on load boards.

Vektrex also offers the following services associated with our equipment:

  • Training and assistance for load board selection
  • Load board design
  • Provide design review and answer questions
  • Evaluate and select materials for load boards
  • Prepare and provide load board assembly build package   
  • Review load board assembly build package and answer questions
  • Creating a build package for assembly
  • Load board assembly and validation
  • Training

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