Accurate Optical Measurements of Light Emitting Diodes and Laser Diodes using the powerful Differential Continuous Pulse measurement method.

The powerful Differential Continuous Pulse (DCP) measurement method and an improved Mean-DCP method are formally presented to the scientific and metrology community in a paper written by Jeff Hulett along with Cameron Miller, and Yuqin Zong of NIST. Additional co-authors include Nomasa Koide and Yoshiki Yamaji, of Nichia Corporation. Yamaji and Koide originated the DCP method, which remained secret for many years, before it was disclosed during a September, 2020 CIE standards meeting. Vektrex short pulse SMU was used to research and prove the recommended measurement method. This paper appears in volume 126 of NIST’s Journal of Research:

Special Section on Ultraviolet Technologies for Public Health

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About Jeff Hulett

Jeff Hulett is the Founder and CTO of Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc. Because of his vision and leadership, the company grew from a start-up to the market leader. Currently, Hulett is the Chief Architect for Vektrex products placing the highest emphasis on technology and quality. Hulett holds a BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Electronics, and has been awarded four U.S.patents. He is a member of the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), and chairs the IESNA LM-80 working group that is focused on LED flux maintenance testing. He has been active in the LED testing and reliability field since 2004.