Easy Light Measurement System Upgrade

This Easy Light Measurement System Upgrade video will show you how to easily integrate the Vektrex SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit featuring the new Force Sense Selector Switch into your existing test setup – whether you’re using a Keithley 2400, 2600, or any other source meter or specialized instrument.

The SpikeSafe’s Force Sense Selector Switch provides two functions:

First, Connect/Disconnect which allows you to quickly connect or disconnect from the circuit, improving production throughput. This functionality will be outlined in another Vektrex video.

Second, the A/B switch function which eliminates the need for complicated external switching by allowing the SpikeSafe SMU and another instrument to share the load wiring, which will be demonstrated later.With the use of this new feature one can achieve the best of both worlds with the benefits of the SpikeSafe SMU’s features such as, high power, fast pulses, and improved measurements along with the features of other instruments such as, low current, low voltage, and current leakage measurements.

The Vektrex SpikeSafe SMU used in conjunction with the Force Sense Selector switch simplifies new system development. The Force Sense Selector Switch is a true mechanical switch integrated in the Vektrex SMU, as opposed to solid state or software switch found in other devices. For existing systems, it is possible to recharge the Keithley, essentially upgrading the existing system – all while retaining the existing software and load wiring.