Instrument Systems 宣布具备短脉冲测试能力

可靠的短脉冲测量需要具有快速上升和下降时间的脉冲电流源以及测量时间在微秒范围内的光谱仪。 Vektrex Spikesafe SMU 用于验证 CAS-125 用于快速脉冲测量的用途。


Melissa Ford

Melissa Ford is the President and CEO of Vektrex. In this role, Ms. Ford created the Vektrex vision—to innovate and produce advanced, high quality, forward looking solutions that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions for our clients and partners in the semiconductor industry. Ms. Ford has focused the company on this vision, guiding it steadfast in the direction of products, replacing its service only business. Vektrex, under Ms. Ford’s vision and direction, advances the industry globally by defining and setting the standard for high quality LED reliability. Vektrex is the world leader in technology used to measure LED lighting reliability. The company products are made in the USA and distributed worldwide.

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