Jeff Hulett, Vektrex CTO discusses trends in LED Measurement and Standards at Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS)

Taiwan, April 15, 2016

Rapidly evolving industry trends are driving change in test standards and test methods for LED devices. Of concern is meeting, understanding and testing to the standards. LM-80 Chair and Vektrex CTO Jeff Hulett will address these and other issues in his presentation during the TILS LED Lighting and Measurement Standards Seminar. Highlights include:

  • LED Technology Trends: Increasing power and performance
  • New Standards: Addressing factors, trends and standardization
  • Lab Recommendations and Best Practices

Mr. Hulett will be available for questions at the Rapitech Booth K0212. Stop by the booth for demonstrations of the high-power LED light measurement solution that integrates the SpikeSafe™ Performance Series Precision Pulsed Current Sources and Instrument Systems CAS140 spectrometer.

Vektrex Press Release LM-80 Chair Discusses High-Power LED Trend and Standards