UV device market success requires end users to select one device over others. Key to this selection is reliable and verifiable test and measurement data generated with standardized methods.

As a market leader in LED test and measurement technology, Vektrex offers a full set of test and measurement solutions uniquely developed for testing and characterizing UV LED devices. 

UV-C Device Characterization

Vektrex SMU combined with Instrument Systems’ spectrometer and UV sphere addresses the unique challenges associated with characterizing UV-C devices.

  • Sphere wear reduction and lifetime extension
  • Identification and analysis of thyristor effect
  • LIV curve generation

LM-80 Test System

The widely-used LM-80 lumen and flux maintenance test procedure is being updated to include non-visible sources such as horticultural and UV LEDs.  

  • LM-80 Test Data is required for Energy Star Certification
  • Researchers, designers and end users understand and trust LM-80
  • LM-80-20 Expected to be approved in late 2020


Industry leading UV LED manufacturers have standardized on Vektrex systems and SpikeSafe current sources as the basis for their reliability and burn-in systems. 

  • Scalable and modular solutions
  • Constant current and pulsed modes
  • STARS software application configures and controls a few to hundreds of sources

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About Melissa Ford

Melissa Ford is the President and CEO of Vektrex. In this role, Ms. Ford created the Vektrex vision—to innovate and produce advanced, high quality, forward looking solutions that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions for our clients and partners in the semiconductor industry. Ms. Ford has focused the company on this vision, guiding it steadfast in the direction of products, replacing its service only business. Vektrex, under Ms. Ford’s vision and direction, advances the industry globally by defining and setting the standard for high quality LED reliability. Vektrex is the world leader in technology used to measure LED lighting reliability. The company products are made in the USA and distributed worldwide.