20A Precision Source Measure Unit

The addition of a 20A precision source measure unit to our product portfolio allows Vektrex to better support high power density test requirements for LIDAR and other next generation product requirements.

The PSMU-HC-20 product is a precision tool that supplies accurate currents to 20A in constant current and pulsed modes.   High power precision pulsing combined with a true differential 18 bit data acquisition system enables ultra-stable measurements undistorted by heating.   Undistorted measurements give researchers the confidence to drive devices to higher power densities.   High power density is the enabling technology behind next-generation products in lighting, LIDAR, UV sterilization and more.

Vektrex 20A Precision Source Measure Unit

Packaged as a single instrument, the source measure unit simplifies integration eliminating the need to purchase and parallel multiple instruments.  

For temperature independent junction temperature measurements to 20A, the product is available with a second bias current source used for verifying junction temperature.  With the PSMU-HC-20, it is possible for researchers to revalidate existing devices for use at higher currents reducing development costs associated with bringing new products to market.