SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit Wins Sapphire Award

Vektrex 10A SMU Takes the SSL Enabling Technology and Test Category

LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards celebrates innovation in enabling technologies and lighting products. With over 100 products nominated spanning 18 categories, Vektrex’s SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit takes the SSL Enabling Technologies and Test category.

Enabling products and tools drives innovation. The winning 10A SpikeSafe SMU is an innovative precision tool developed in response to the industry’s evolving need for improved testing. LED source characterization, according to an article written by Vektrex CTO Jeff Hulett in 2017, must rely on newer test methods that don’t create unnecessary heat effects, which throw off the results when testing high-efficacy LEDs. According to Hulett, the SpikeSafe 10A Pulsed SMU enables engineers to “source what you can’t source, measure what you can’t measure, test what you can’t test and see what you can’t see.” 

The SpikeSafe Pulsed SMU offers accurate pulsing down to 1 μs with thousands of watts of configurable and sustained power. On-the-fly pulsewidth correction and short, uniform pulses reduce device junction heating, improving LED characterization. Resulting data from the improved LED characterization is presented to the industry for use in the creation of new products. For example, with reduced device junction heating, more reliable IV curves are easily generated. More reliable data helps SSL product developers and lighting designers reduce R&D costs and improve reliability of the end product.

The SMU integrated bias function simplifies and automates determination of in-situ junction temperature. Knowledge of junction temperature is important across many industries and knowledge of in-situ junction temperature may be even more important. For lighting designers, the tool may be used to improve the efficiency of LED luminaire designs, effectively reducing cost and exposure to massive warranty support issues.

Vektrex CEO, Melissa Ford, stated “Vektrex is committed to developing innovative products and constantly improving testing technologies. Measurement errors of 4% are unacceptable and unnecessary given the new innovative tools in the marketplace.”

“The 2020 Sapphire winners showed us amazing advancement in light sources to luminaire developments and the defining innovations are in light quality and unique form,” said the evening’s emcee, Maury Wright, in a statement released by LEDs Magazine. “Our winners represent the best the industry has to offer and project the technology paths forward that will yield stunning solid-state lighting (SSL) products and applications.”

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