Vektrex High Current SpikeSafe offers 15A drive current capability at 50V with a maximum power of 3KW

San Diego, California – Vektrex, a global leader supplying cutting-edge instrumentation and systems to the Solid State Lighting industry, announced release of the latest addition to the SpikeSafe series, the High Current (HC) SpikeSafe400 DC current source. Leveraging the foundation of technology from the industry-standard SpikeSafe 200 and expanding the SpikeSafe400 series to higher drive currents, the SpikeSafe400 HC increases the drive current capability of the product line up to 15 Amps while delivering 3KW of power. This makes it one of the highest power-rated current source products available in the market.

“The SpikeSafe 400 HC broadens the product line to address applications that require driving devices at high currents. This can be especially important for testing a large number of LED devices in parallel for applications such as roadway illumination, backlighting, and high power automotive lighting,” said Vektrex Product Marketing Manager Mark Raffetto.

The SpikeSafe400 HC is programmable with individual channel control, offers 96% efficiency and has an easy to use software interface. Its four output channels, 50V compliance, and wide-ranging drive current capability give it the flexibility to drive high current chip on board devices efficiently in reliability test applications. This makes the SpikeSafe400 HC a great choice for LED reliability and burn-in, testing arrays that require high current for parallel driving, LM80, LM79, LM85, CIE 127, DC light measurement and R&D, in addition to other semiconductor testing applications.

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