Leading the way to precision and better measurements, SpikeSafe SMU stands out in SSL Enabling Technologies and Test category of the 2020 Sapphire Awards.

SpikeSafe SMU is a precision pulsed source measure unit that precisely sources pulsed current and simultaneously measures voltage. A precision pulsed source measure unit has submicrosecond to low microsecond rise/fall times, programmable load tuning, and on-the fly pulse width correction. Together these mean the device under test experiences less heating and more uniform heating. The result is unmatched measurement stability – measurements described by one beta site evaluator as “crazy stable”. 

Building on the successful SpikeSafe® Performance Series of Precision Pulsed Current Sources, SpikeSafe SMU current sources are optimized for more accurate and repeatable high-power LED and laser testing. 

The winner will be announced on February 12, 2020 at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California. This event is taking place in conjunction with the Strategies in Light (SIL) conference, running from February 11-13, 2020. 

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