The SpikeSafe SMU was used to resolve a question regarding UV LED testing that was vexing the IES working group: How to handle the dramatic voltage change that many LEDs exhibit in the first few milliseconds of operation. The voltage change is due to the thyristor effect – a known shortcoming of immature LED products. It was thought that all UV-LEDs might suffer from this problem. A two-temperature transient voltage test was performed using the SpikeSafe SMU. The test showed that some UV-LEDs did not suffer from the thyristor effect. The working group will use this information in the upcoming UV-LED testing standard and the company will use this data to market their LEDs.

Bolb two-temperature transient voltage test shows linear k-factor and only 150mV change in 10ms
Competing UV-LED shows non-linear k-factor and 660mV of change in 10ms – such a large change is not possible due to heating; it must then be the thyristor effect

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