Compact LED Reliability/Burn-in Chamber Passes 10kW, 650,000 Lumen Milestone.

Vektrex announced today the successful completion of a 650,000 lumen test, conducted in the high-power Integrated Thermal Control System (ITCS) chamber. Total LED electrical drive power exceeded 10,000 Watts. While COB LED arrays were used for this test, other ITCS models support VCSELs and Laser Diodes.

Vektrex ITCS – Integrated Thermal Control Systems, Chamber for LEDs and Laser Diodes
Vektrex ITCS – Integrated Thermal Control Systems, Chamber for LEDs and Laser Diodes

The ITCS uses proprietary water-cooled thermal platforms to maintain consistent device temperatures. The ITCS architecture safely contains optical energy, eliminating damage to other devices. Multilayer reflective/absorptive glass in its viewport handles high optical flux levels. Interlocks protect operators from light exposure if the chamber door is opened.

The ITCS was loaded with 240 Cree CXA2011 COB LED arrays arranged in series circuits containing 6 arrays operating at 276V. The arrays were mounted on 150mm x 150mm aluminum load boards and powered at the device’s maximum current of 1A using SpikeSafe™ 400 DC Series Current Sources.

Vektrex CTO, Jeff Hulett, commented: “We conducted this test to validate the ITCS’ ability to safely contain optical energy and control temperature at very high power levels. Handling that much LED power is very challenging, especially since much of the power is converted to visible light. Care must be taken to capture that optical energy and dissipate it; otherwise, reflections generate hot spots that degrade LEDs.”

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