Performance Current Sources allow industry to close the gap on light measurement errors.

Throughout the industry, it is widely accepted that an estimated 4% error currently exists with most LED light measurements. This 4% error is responsible for a massive loss in revenue across the industry as manufacturers and laboratories undervalue their own LEDs or send out product that does not perform as expected. Much of this 4% error traces back directly to the current source and methods being used during testing. To reduce the error and improve LED light measurements, Vektrex introduces the Performance Current Source Series. These high performance current sources are the only current sources that employ precise, accurate pulsing with microsecond rise times and low-jitter triggering. The resulting ideal current waveforms reduce uncertainty and enable accurate LED measurements with excellent measurement repeatability.

According to Jeff Hulett, Vektrex CTO, “LED power density has increased dramatically over the last 10 years, much like the number of integrated transistors increased exponentially according to Moore’s law. However, the industry has reached a roadblock that threatens to check this progress – junction heating effects are making it impossible to accurately measure LED performance. Once simple measurements such as total luminous flux, quantum efficiency, and L-I-V are now significantly compromised by this effect. The innovative SpikeSafe Performance Current Source Series battles this problem by delivering pulsing and DC performance that goes well beyond present source-measure instruments.”

By using the SpikeSafe Performance Current Source Series and testing methods such as the IESNA LM-85 High Power LED test methods that reduce junction heating, the industry can close the measurement gap and continue its relentless drive to higher LED power density.

Vektrex Press Release Announcing SpikeSafe Performance Current Source Series