SpikeSafe 200 Pulsed Current Source

Supplying up to 1kW per source channel, industry standard  SpikeSafe 200 Pulsed current source is a favorite with LED manufacturers. With precisely regulated current and 96% efficiency, return on investment for reliability test can be based upon energy savings. Multiple drive channels offer operating modes supporting reliability protocols including DC, Pulsed, LM80, LM85 and others. Approved for IESNA LM-80 test.

Optional Features:

  • Temperature at the Junction (TJ) bias current source  – 5µs switching
  • Modulated Current allows user to define customized waveforms for execution (for example red eye flash test)

Features and Benefits

  • Pulse width minimum 10µs
  • 0-5A DC / Pulsed
  • Eight (8) Independent Source Channels
  • SpikeSafe Load Protection
  • Compliance Voltage to 200V

Usage Applications

  • LED Reliability
  • Photometric / Light Measurement
  • LM-80 Test
  • Tj Test
  • Quantum Cascade Laser Test
  • Laser Reliability Test
  • LED Reliability Test using customized waveform (red eye camera flash)