SpikeSafe 200 DC Current Source

For applications that benefit from precisely regulated current and voltage, industry standard SpikeSafe 200 DC offers single or multiple source drive channel modules. Reliably sourcing up to 1kW per source channel sustained, this DC current source is ideal for reliability applications and approved for use in LM80 systems.

The next generation SpikeSafe 400 DC current source offers even more flexibility.

Features and Benefits
  • Maximum Current to 5A DC
  • 8 Independently Controllable Source Channels
  • SpikeSafe Load Protection Preserves Devices
  • Compliance Voltage to 200V
Sample Applications
  • LM-80 test systems in Germany, China, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia
  • LM-80 third party test facilities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, USA
  • Reliability test systems at the largest LED manufacturers worldwide