10A High Current Source Measure Unit

The 10A SpikeSafe Source Measure Unit incorporates continuous power conversion, which means no duty cycle or pulse width limitations. Output pulses have nanosecond rise and fall times – key to precise LED, VCSEL, and LIDAR photometric and electrical measurements. A precision hardware-controlled timing system synchronizes source, measure and external instrumentation. Operational modes for this SMU include precision DC, and short pulse modes including continuous pulse, single pulse and multipulse. An optional BIAS low current source enables Junction Temperature and T3-ster like measurements.

Vektrex Fast Pulse SMU produces better measurements.

Low Noise True Differential Digitizer

In addition to robust current capability, the SpikeSafe SMU features a low noise, true differential digitizer optimized for component testing. This digitizer can sample device Vf at 500ksps and pick up millivolt changes in voltage that occur during pulsed operation. This sensitivity supports the most accurate IES LM-85 and CIE 225 measurements. Other instruments, that rely on single-ended circuitry, suffer from high common mode noise, making accurate measurements difficult or impossible.

Precise Control and Measurement

Accurate currents, fast rise and fall times, and a precision hardware-controlled timing system highlights the importance of precise control and measurement capabilities, essential for conducting experiments and research. The synchronization of source, measure, and external instrumentation enhances the efficiency and reliability of the testing process, allowing researchers to make discoveries and advancements – to see what they could not see before.

Continuous Output Power

Continuous output power digitally transfers power from available AC or DC sources to provide sustained output power to your device.The transfer is continuous and does not rely on capacitors like older generation SMUs.  This means that it is possible to test in DC or pulsed mode, use short pulses and long pulses at high output power levels.  

High-current SMUs provide the power needed for more accurate, efficient and repeatable measurements.

10A High Current Pulse Shapes

The 10A High Current Source Measure Unit offers programmable pulse width flexibility. It is capable of long pulse widths (ms to seconds) and short pulse widths (1us pulse widths and above). Pulse width accuracy is 1us with nanosecond pulse rise and fall times.

10A 44.8V Precision Pulse with 907.2ns rise time.
10A 44.8V Precision Pulse with 907.2ns rise time.