Load Board / MCPCB

A Load board / MCPCB (metal core printed circuit board) is used to mount LEDs, arrays, COB, emitters, luminaires and other devices for reliability test. When a poor quality load board is used, test results will suffer.  Vektrex uses only quality components when designing and manufacturing load boards.  When making decisions about your load boards, please take the following into consideration

  • Is the size large enough to support devices today and tomorrow yet small enough for easy handling?
  • Is the size consistent with the test temperature uniformity goal?
  • Is the n+1 architecture used to improve reliability, reduce connections and wires?
  • If you are using FR4 then please consider using other coatings that will not degrade at high temperatures.
  • What is the best coating to use?   Dupont?  Brazing?
  • Do you have a thermal resistance tester in house to validate mounting and device thermal resistance prior to starting a long term test?
  • Have you confirmed that no sulfur containing compounds or other compounds that damage LEDs have been used in the process?
  • Does your vendor have excellent cleanliness practices leaving no residue on the load boards?
  • Is there excellent connection between the load board and connector?  If not, unnecessary shorts and damage to LEDs may occur.


Introducing n+1 Load Board Topology a better way to architect load boards for high capacity test and measurement