Aurotek JD-2020 LED Thermal Resistance Analyzer

The Aurotek JD-2020 LED Thermal Resistance Analyzer is a high-speed instrument designed to conduct transient/in-line thermal resistance (RΘ) measurements on LED or semiconductor devices and assemblies. This instrument represents the next generation of RΘ measurement technology dedicated to improving and reducing manufacturing costs. By accelerating the determination of device thermal resistance, this application improves both failure detection and device stability in manufacturing and production environments.

The images below demonstrate the powerful capabilities of this system. 

JD-202 Inline Thermal Resistance Test 10Amp
 Inline Thermal Resistance Test - Differential Thermal Structure
Inline Thermal Resistance Test – Differential Thermal Structure

Combining the JD-2020 with SpikeSafe™ Pulsed Source Measure Unit

In-line thermal resistance measurements require reliably accurate current, the ability to capture long data streams for analysis, and a rapid transition from heating/high current to sensing/bias current. SpikeSafe Performance Series Current Sources and Pulsed Source Measure Units provide the foundation for the JD-2020 RΘ measurement system; SpikeSafe pulsed source models are available with voltages to 400V, currents to 60A and measurement voltages to 400V.

The SpikeSafe pulsed sources integrated with the JD-2020 provide a sub-50µs transition from heating to bias current levels, more than fulfilling transition speed requirements of the applicable JEDEC standard. In addition, the sources allow extended pulse times – up to 15000s – necessary for the long data captures needed when measuring devices with long, thermal time constants.  

Both speed and accuracy are needed for RΘ measurements when transitioning from high to low currents. For a 60A model SpikeSafe Performance Series Current Source, the bias current accuracy is equal to 0.35% + 480µA, which consequently gives a margin of error equal to ± 0.83% at a set current of 100mA. At the same set current, the comparable model of the Keithley SourceMeter with its bias current accuracy of 0.08% + 50mA delivers a margin of error approximately equal to ± 50%. 

Rapid transition from 3A – 32mA with 16A Model SpikeSafe Current Source.

SpikeSafe Performance Series Pulsed Current Sources and Pulsed Source Measure Units deliver the capability to rapidly and accurately transition from a high to low range current output, making them the ideal tool for driving both heating and sensing currents when conducting high-speed thermal resistance measurements with the Aurotek JD-2020.

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