RF Switch Controller

This product has been discontinued. Vektrex business focus has shifted away from RF and telecommunications. As a result, Vektrex will no longer be supplying this product. We are accepting offers to purchase the remaining stock, inventory, documentation, designs, software etc. If you interested then please email sales@vektrex.com.

The Vektrex Intelligent Switch Attenuator Controller (VISC) provides a programmable interface to control RF switches and attenuators as well as other switches. Using the VISC and standard components, you can easily create custom switch matrixes and control them with simple, intuitive Ethernet commands that match your custom switch topology. The VISC has 600mA source/sink outputs that directly drive 5-28V coils, eliminating the need for external drivers or expensive TTL-control switches.

A single VISC provides 56 high current source/sink outputs and 56 TTL I/O ports. For larger applications, the VISC can be linked via an expansion bus to low-cost satellite VISCs, to provide up to 560 high current outputs and 560 TTL I/O lines


  • RF switch/attenuator control
  • Instrumentation switch matrixes
  • Custom RF switch instruments
  • Large Scale RF switch matrixes
  • RF test fixtures
  • Remote switch control