400V Maximum Compliance Voltage Available with SpikeSafe

The SpikeSafe 400 pulsed sources and source/measure units are ideal for powering and testing LEDs and modules requiring maximum compliance voltages above 10V. In fact, 400V maximum compliance voltage is possible. Test modes include DC, Constant Current and Pulsed Mode. Max current is 4A. Combined with Vektrex’s software applications, the SpikeSafe 400 sources and source/measure units offer a complete pulsed/DC drive solution for testing series arrays of lighting devices, for LED module test, and for other high-voltage test applications.

SpikeSafe SMU: A high voltage pulsed source measure unit

The SpikeSafe SMU is a high voltage Source Measure unit that operates in either DC or pulsed mode. A duty cycle capability of 0-100% provides the flexibility to support test applications requiring constant current, fast pulses (µs-ms) as well as long pulses (DC-ms). Combine the SMU with Vektrex’s Control Panel Software application, or with Instrument Systems’ SpecWin Pro software, for a complete solution.

Learn more about SpikeSafe Pulsed SMU and SMU High CurrentControl Panel Software or Instrument Systems SpecWin Pro.

The SMU is also applicable for junction temperature measurement and thermal resistance testing.

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SpikeSafe DCP: A multichannel source offering DC and continuous pulse modes

The SpikeSafe DCP supplies multi-channel pulsed and constant current for burn-in, reliability, and multiple DUT test applications. The DCP is available in a 2U rack-mountable instrument or as a plug-in module compatible with Vektrex’s source chassis. Both types support DC or pulsed current to 1 µs. The SpikeSafe DCP is available in in 1, 2, 4, and 8 channel models.

Learn more about SpikeSafe DCP. For a complete solution, combine the DCP with Vektrex’s software application SpikeSafe Test and Reliability System. Visualize the voltage and temperature monitor data with STARPLOT.

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SpikeSafe DC: A multichannel source offering DC constant current

SpikeSafe DC supplies constant current to 4A with compliance voltages to 400 volts for test, reliability, and burn-in applications requiring DC drive. Like the SpikeSafe DCP, the SpikeSafe DC is available in 1, 2, 4, or 8 channel models, and it can be ordered as a 2U chassis or a plug-in module. SpikeSafe DC sources are widely used for LED LM-80 reliability test and for CW laser burn-in applications.

The SpikeSafe DC, like all of Vektrex’s sources, includes Vektrex’s proprietary SpikeSafe protection technology.

“SpikeSafe technology enables our customers to focus on their device’s intrinsic reliability without having to adjust data for, or worry about, instrumentation-induced failures. The SS400 DC addresses the needs of the industry to expand to higher voltages while maintaining accuracy at lower currents,” said Vektrex Chief Technology Officer Jeff Hulett.

The SpikeSafe400 DC offers 96% efficiency, is programmable with individual channel control, and has an easy-to-use software interface.

Learn more about SpikeSafe DC. For a complete solution, combine the DC with Vektrex’s software applications SpikeSafe Test and Reliability System. Visualize the voltage and temperature monitor data data with STARPLOT.

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Increase reliability or burn-in system capacity with series strings of 400V

The 400V SpikeSafe models support full-voltage testing high-voltage devices. They also may be used to drive multi-DUT series circuits. When used this way, system capacity increases dramatically. For example, eight 48V DUTs can be driven with one 400V channel. Each DC or DCP module can drive up to 8 channels, and up to 32 modules will fit into one standard 19-inch equipment rack. Total system capacity is then 8 x 8 x 32 = 2048 DUTs.

Learn more about Vektrex reliability and burn-in systems for LEDs and laser diodes and VCSELS.

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