Test Devices at Max Capacity

In order to collect test data, some companies test their devices at half power and then double their measurements to collect “full power” data. However, power does not always have a linear relationship to the things that are being measured. Factors like heating have to be taken into account.

Instead of making complicated calculations to attempt to collect accurate data while testing at half power, use a current source that allows you to test at the level of power that you need.

Continuous Power Conversion Provides Sustained Output Power

SpikeSafe™ Performance Series Current Sources use continuous power conversion which allows them to provide sustained output power and support a wide range of devices. Performance Series Current Sources are available in single and multichannel models supporting compliance voltages to 400V and source currents from 339µA to 60A.

Don’t Compromise

Use a current source that can provide the power you need to test your device. You’re selling your devices for full power operation so you should be able to test them at full power.

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