SpikeSafe Precision Pulsed Current Sources – Performance Series win the Sapphire Award for unmatched precise pulsing ability.

Sapphire Awards celebrate innovation in enabling technologies and lighting products and are internationally recognized. At the Sapphire Awards Gala on March 1, the Performance Series won a Sapphire Award in the Tools and Tests in SSL Design category. The gala took place during the Strategies in Light Convention, which was held in Anaheim, California. With over 100 entries from 60 different companies this year, Vektrex is proud to call themselves the winner of their category.

Carrie Meadows, Associate Editor of LEDs Magazine, writes, “No LED product can expect to have success in the market if isn’t properly tested for performance… The judges recognized the significance of Vektrex’s work in pursuing precise current-pulse sources that allow more accurate characterization of packaged LED performance… The SSL industry must continue to increase performance of LED products by improving test and analysis in order to move forward into new applications and markets. The SpikeSafe current sources offer maximum voltages to 400V and maximum source currents to [60A] for advanced LED [tests], employing accurate pulsing with microsecond rise times and low-jitter triggering to produce waveforms that reduce uncertainty and improve measurement repeatability.”

When asked what the inspiration behind the product was, CEO and President of Vektrex, Melissa Ford, replied, “We understand that there’s a 4% measurement gap in the industry with light measurement and we wanted to improve lighting measurements so that LEDs can progress forward.”

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Sapphire Awards 2017 Winner Badge