Performance Series Current Sources provide sustained output power, precise pulsing with microsecond rise times, precision timing, and the ability to use DC, Single Pulse, Continuous Pulse, and specialized dynamic test methods. Combined with SpecWin Pro, the Performance Series unleashes the power of your spectrometer.

See for yourself at Strategies in Light 2018.

Vektrex is offering a unique experience at Strategies in Light 2018. Attendees will be able to bring their own device to the show and test it using Vektrex equipment.

Vektrex will be offering three types of demos at the show:

  1. Power Demo – Sustained output power eliminates the need to parallel multiple current sources
  2. Accuracy Demo – Fast pulsing reduces junction temperature and reveals your device’s true characteristics
  3. Repeatability Demo – Precision timing improves measurement repeatability

Attendees that visit Vektrex’s booth will also be able to pick up their own Vektrex Integrating Cup for free. Supplies are limited to the first 500 visitors. To learn more about the Integrating Cups, email and request to join the mailing list and follow Vektrex on social media.

To reserve your demo with Vektrex, click here or email and use the subject line “Demo”.

Walk-up demonstrations may also be available at the show. Visit Vektrex in the exhibit hall at booth #702 to inquire.