Vektrex is grateful for the commitment and bravery of the first responders and healthcare providers. We thank the technologists who are rapidly developing products that will allow the world to become normal again. Vektrex’s contribution is in providing products and solutions to support research and development related to use of UV light in germicidal disinfection. 
Earlier this month the Illuminating Engineering Society released a new report clarifying the effectiveness of ultraviolet light in germicidal disinfection. The report draws on expertise from Harvard Medical School, and the Mount Sinai Medical Center. It is available for free download
If you are planning a UV product targeting COVID-19, Vektrex has test tools and measurement services to accelerate your development. 
1) Fast pulsing SMUs that can test UV LEDs in microseconds, reducing UV light exposure and the associated degradation in integrating spheres. Test faster and operate at higher power levels. 
2) Pulsed current sources and source measure units that can be used to prototype product PWM drive and evaluate flicker effects.
3) Affordable Junction Temperature (Tj) measurement solutions useful for qualifying new luminaires or luminaires upgraded to support higher power levels. High power current sources that can quickly production test luminaire PCBs at full power.
4) For rapid prototyping, consider outsourcing your junction temperature measurements to Vektrex or any of our third party test partners.
5) Complete turn-key light measurement solutions for UV devices are available.
6) Turn-key LED burn-in and reliability test systems that can evaluate candidate LED parts.
Please stay safe and healthy and contact Vektrex today to discuss your application and how these tools might shorten your time to market.