SMU Connect/Disconnect and AB Switch Functions Simplify Integration

The SpikeSafe SMU Force Sense Selector Switch supplies integrated Connect/Disconnect and A/B Switch functions. 

Critical for high speed production environments, the connect/disconnect function is a true isolated switch that will rapidly disconnect power to test devices eliminating control steps and speeding testing. 

A/B Switch functions allow secondary instruments to share load wiring and to be switched in and out.  Vektrex CTO was quoted as saying “Many test environments include special instrumentation to support very low current measurements and reverse voltage measurements.  These measurements, while important, comprise a minimum percentage of total measurements.  With so many specialized instruments available and currently in use, the A/B switch function eases usage and simplifies system upgrades where higher currents, faster pulsing and better measurements are important.”  

The SpikeSafe SMU with A/B switch is easily integrated into existing system hardware.   Minimal software investment is needed to integrate the SpikeSafe SMU allowing preservation of existing software applications and processes.      

SpikeSafe SMU is a precision pulsed source measure unit that precisely sources pulsed current and simultaneously measures voltage.   A precision pulsed source measure unit has submicrosecond to low microsecond rise/fall times, programmable load tuning, and on-the fly pulse width correction. Together these mean the device under test experiences less heating and more uniform heating.

SpikeSafe SMUs include industry-leading SpikeSafe® protections that protect the instrument and devices under test. With SpikeSafe SMU, improve your measurements with precision and accuracy and reduce your cost of test.

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