Test what you previously didn’t have the power to see – with remarkable repeatability

SpikeSafe SMU is a precision pulsed source measure unit that precisely sources pulsed current and simultaneously measures voltage.   A precision pulsed source measure unit has submicrosecond to low microsecond rise/fall times, programmable load tuning, and on-the fly pulse width correction. Together these mean the device under test experiences less heating and more uniform heating. The result is unmatched measurement stability – measurements described by one beta site evaluator as “crazy stable”

10A Vektrex Source Measure Unit - Spotlight
10A Vektrex Source Measure Unit – Spotlight

Building on the successful SpikeSafe® Performance Series of Precision Pulsed Current Sources, new SpikeSafe SMU current sources are optimized for more accurate and repeatable high-power LED and laser testing. 

“With more and more high-power density LED and laser devices coming to market, there’s gap between what can tested with traditional source measure units and present engineering and production testing needs, because of inadequate power, pulsing and measurement capabilities.” notes Vektrex CTO Jeff Hulett.

SpikeSafe® SMU precision pulsed current sources close that gap by providing accurate pulsing from hundreds of seconds down to 1us with sustained output power. “SpikeSafe SMU brings together the speed and power needed for LED and laser testing with integrated high-speed digitizing measurement. Now you can accurately test what you previously couldn’t test, and see what you didn’t have the power to see – with remarkable repeatability,” says Hulett.

Like SpikeSafe Performance Series current sources, critical components in high-performance test solutions for leading manufacturers and labs worldwide, SpikeSafe SMUs include industry-leading SpikeSafe® protections that protect the instrument and devices under test. With SpikeSafe SMU, improve your measurements with precision and accuracy and reduce your cost of test.