Current Source Induced LED Photometric Measurement Variations Presentation at CORM

On May 16, 2016, Jeff Hulett, Vektrex CTO, discussed Current Source Induced LED Photometric Measurement Variations at CORM (Council for Optical Radiation Measurements).

Typical LED measurement systems use source/measure instruments delivering DC or pulsed current. In many of these systems junction temperature is uncontrolled, resulting in LED transient junction heating. This combined with timing variability can introduce flux measurement variability –especially at high power levels. Jeff Hulett presented LM-85 research results conducted at Vektrex that traces the source and magnitude of these errors. 

Click here to download the presentation.

CORM is an organization of industrial, academic and government professionals coming together to promote and advance the changing needs of industry in the development of physical standards, calibration services and inter-laboratory collaboration program. CORM has proven to be a valuable resource to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in helping them to determine what the national priorities are in the Optical Radiation Measurement community. Mr. Hulett is an active member and contributor in this organization.