LM-80 Light

LM-80 Light is a complete light measurement system developed to automate and meet the stringent LM-80 standards testing. With automation, operator error is reduced and an audit trail exists.

During LM-80 test, periodic photometric measurements are taken. Resultant data is entered a TM-21 specified algorithm and a Lumen Maintenance (LM) number is calculated.

Vektrex’s Automated Light Measurement Systems (ALMS) are used in NVLAP LM-80 audited facilities worldwide.

Light Measurement System ALMS
Light Measurement System ALMS

Repeatability 0.05%

Luminous flux measurement repeatability is 0.05%. With repeatable measurements, LED trends are detected within 48 hours. Quick detection enables quick resolution.

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First Light Measurement

LM-80 light measurements are relative.  Some may believe that settling for lower quality light measurements is acceptable. At Vektrex we believe every light measurement is important and most important is the first light measurement upon which the additional relative light measurements are based. Similar to first impressions, you only get one.

Pulsed Light Measurement

DC and Pulsed light measurement techniques are available with ALMS. Precision Pulsed light measurements using the SpikeSafe current source are recommended to reduce heating when taking light measurements on high brightness/high power devices.

LM-85 Light Measurements

LM-85 light measurement capability is available now with the ALMS.